Just deserts?

By: snowgood

Sep 24 2015

Category: Life, miracle


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Life can be strange.

You psyche yourself up for a special event, and all of a sudden out of nowhere your day falls apart.

I’m not given to long term planning, but last Saturday I was looking forward to catching up with old friends.

Somewhere between a happy start to the day and  Essex our day fell apart.

There’s not a lot top be gained by playing the “Blame Game”, but I own up.

I was part of the problem.

On Sunday I’d be at an important trade show, and it looked like there was no way I’d be buying something in keeping with the company dress code.

Jez and Carina made us welcome, but for me the day imploded like one of those giant bubbles hitting the lawn.

The sun shone on the Essex country lanes as a sparrowhawk fluttered above us, but when you’ve a dreaded case of “The Sulks” you feel as felt as a pancake.

Seven hours later we were heading home, but Roz had spotted “Lakeside” stays open until 9:00pm.

I might just get that new suit!

Like most men I hate shopping, and begrudge every £ spent on clothes, as I pulled up in the car park I decided to set a unlikely budget.

£100 for a suit!  I should cocoa.

I remember buying a black velvet suit in 1977, that set me back £75, so perhaps today I was being optimistic?

We hopped out of the car, and went into the bedlam that is “Lakeside”.

Clocking Burtons on my right remembered my imitation suede jacket that I bought in Burtons Exeter nearly 9 years ago. It’s been in regular use ever since and still looks smart.

Eschewing M&S I looked to see what Burtons Bluewater could offer.

Scores of suits packed the rails at the back of the store with large labels which all said “SLIM FIT”.

The assistant obviously hadn’t looked at me when I came in, and was merely paying lip service to my enquiry.

Then we looked to another smaller rail, voila a suitably tacky suit for a man who’s partial to eating.

Jacket and trousers were soon donned, and we’d struck gold without wasting valuable time “shopping”.

I went to pay and was told I’d get a free pair of shoes!

The young lads left me at the checkout with a rather lovely lady who then offered me the Burtons Credit Card, and 10% off.

FANTASTIC. £108 for my suit, and shoes thrown in FOC!


Pinch me.  This is 2015, is it not?

We departed, and joined a queue outside “Bills Restaurant”.

They were busy, perhaps we would’t get a table?

But we did, and placed an order with a chirpy young waitress.

Dishes were streaming out of the kitchen, but after nigh on 30 minutes I sensed something was wrong.

Another couple had walked straight in and were eating inside 5 minutes.

I couldn’t resist querying the availability of our dinner!

The manager was most apologetic, “Your meal is on us”!

What a result, the waitress even tried to turn down our £5.00 tip.

I walked back to the car wondering what I’d done to deserve this?

The answer was obvious.

Absolutely nothing.

I’d behaved like a petulant teenager and yet as i walked away I was feeling incredibly blessed.

Isn’t that just the way The Lord wants to bless His children?

Each of us fall so far of standard.


Only his Son reached that standard.

But as he looks down on a repentant sinner he doesn’t see a miserable wretch, but a broken man on a cross.

His own son, wounded and scarred for me.

Thank you Jesus.

umerited favour

Yours Truly – Decorex 2015

How has God blessed you today?

Did you deserve it?

5 comments on “Just deserts?”

  1. Blessed so much! Food, clothing, housing, good people, a great price on a small item from the thrift store (charity shop), a beautiful day of sunshine, lovely clouds. And did I mention food? More than we can use… so I took some extra produce from our garden to the community food pantry. Great deal on your suit and shoes, you look dashing!

  2. I hardly recognize you Stephen!!

  3. I have been to Lakeside once. That was enough. I generally wait for M&S to announce one of their offers and buy their travel suits. They usually fit but the trouser length is a problem as I need a 32 inch inside leg and they offer 31 inches or 33 inches. One of these days they will finally come up with a suit that truly is crease resistant.

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