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Sep 17 2015

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It’s taken me several weeks, but I’ve finished “Lustrum” by Robert Harris.

My verdict?


It’s one of those books you find yourself dwelling on, well after you’ve put it down.

One tends to side with the central character Marcus Tullius Cicero, who rose to dizzy heights in the prequel “Imperium” which i read about a year ago.

This book follows the struggles, and decline of the great man, as seen through the eyes of his secretary Tiro.

Along the way we get so see how a great man thinks, and how he cleverly manoeuvres his way through highest echelons of Roman society.

Cicero’s thirst for power and status lead to compromises, which escalate into major misjudgements which within a year bring about his downfall.

Here and there Harris gives us a glimpse of Roman barbarism, I found the way he wrote about a bull being sacrificed incredibly graphic, which in turn shed a new light on all the Old Testament sacrifices which the modern reader might quickly skim over when reading Leviticus.

A few days on I’m left with a desire to find our more about the Roam Empire, dare I attempt “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”?

Or would a closer look at Julius Caeser suffice?

I paid it scant attention despite reading it in English Lit 40 odd years ago.

Reading it because i want to, rather because I have to may make the experience more enjoyable.



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