SWCP – Abbotsbury to Burton Bradstock

By: snowgood

Sep 15 2015

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Please Note: – several photos on this post have been deleted as the site has been updated on 03/01/2016.

St.Catharine’s Chapel – Abbotsbury

Planning this trip I paid particular attention to the weather forecast. Saturday went to plan, but Sunday was looking like a washout, and I couldn’t find a hotel with vacancies.

Roz was keen to get the most from our 300 mile round trip, and by Saturday evening my phone indicated that we might see the sun on Sunday.

After a good meal with friendly folk in a pub on Portland we secured a room at the Alessandria Hotel.

Giovanni was a friendly host, but his cordiality couldn’t make our small room comfortable.

These two nights away were a lesson for us, as we live in what one friend calls “Gatwick Palace”.

Is space the ultimate luxury?

Any road, our restless night was the fore runner to a cooked breakfast, and at 10:11 am we were on our pins heading  west.

Being a prize muppet I managed to pick the £3.50 a day car park (it had been free the day before) and completely forgot the free spaces at The Swannery, which was were our trail ended the previous day!

Before we got very far we were struggling with way markers once again.  I took a few photos, and was delighted to discover a swallow in the one above.

Ten minutes later we were on our way good and proper, and I enjoyed the view back to Linton Hill, which was were one of the last photos on yesterday’s post was taken.

Somehow I managed to clamber upon a substantial WWII pill box, and Roz captured the moment.

We made our way towards the shingle beach, where I came very close to taking a snap of a fast flying yellow butterfly.  Rather stupidly I couldn’t get within range as I’d left my long lens at home. You’ll just have to imagine a Clouded Yellow!

Further up the batch we met a comedically grumpy walker heading east.  He was not impressed by the golf course, caravan park, and energy sapping shingle which made up much of today’s route.

After another 100 yards we had our first coffee break. A chain smoking Italian was very reluctant to serve us, and when he did there was only UHT milk on offer.

His lack of interest was driving some customers away, whilst others listened to his tales of life in Romania. One things for sure we won’t be going back to the cafe at Abbotsbury tropical gardens anytime soon.

Further up the beach we spotted this wonderful sign near East Bexington.  Much to my surprise I spotted one on Zoopla afterwards, at £550,000.  Phew, that’s a shed load of money for a modest property with a sea view.

Four minutes later I found a solitary brick imbedded into the path.  My research reveals it had indeed originated from Bexhill (152 miles along the coast) at least 113 years earlier!

To be honest most of our trek offered very little variety. I only managed 60 photos in 4 hours walking.

Should we aim for West Bay (easy peasy) or check out at Burton Bradstock?

Golden Cap was getting closer, and i was keen to take advantage of the good weather.  But what about the mad dash home?

Burton Bradstock was upon is in no time, and where we were hoping to grab an ice cream.

Our sensible hat had won out, and we were going to travel with all the ordinary people who use public transport!

Sadly there was nobody to point us in the right direction in the little National Trust hut, but quite by chance I asked an elderly lady in a Nissan Micra if she knew where we should go.

She was quite chuffed to answer my question, as she was the local Community Transport Officer!

The X53 showed up a few minutes late, and a miserable chap let us on board for just £7.00.

I was glad of the early finish, and we only had to make on major diversion on the way back.

It was good to be back, as there’s no place like home!


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