BASE CAMP (Royal Breakwater Hotel)

By: snowgood

Sep 13 2015

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When it comes to walking the South West Coast Path we live in the wrong part of England.

It’s not so much the distance we have to cover, but the sheer volume of traffic that hops on the M25 of a Friday night.

152 miles took nearly 4 hours, but then this was perhaps the last great escape of the year.

I took this just minutes away from The Royal Breakwater Hotel.

Here it is on a wet Saturday morning. I love the architectural integrity of the cornice and moulded letters that adorn the building.

100 years ago the Hotel was probably quite grand, but now it’s pretty knackered.

They even have shared bathrooms, although we paid extra for the smallest en-suite I’ve ever experienced.

It always seems to have vacancies whenever Weymouth is choc-a-bloc, which at least gave us the chance to get a reasonably early start as I set off for Abbotsbury.

When I eventually found a way to open the rickety (original?) window we were rewarded with both fresh air and a racket from the Friday night boozers four floors below.

After our intermittent sleep I awoke to the sound of rainfall, lapping waves, and sea gulls.

Strangely enough, peering out towards Weymouth and the harbour it all seemed worthwhile.

Roz chose to chance the Butlinsesque clientele in the temporary breakfast room, but I couldn’t see anything worth eating and set off on my return leg of the SWCP towards the famed Ferry Bridge Inn.

I have to do the whole route, even if this was a reversal of my outbound leg.

So with stiff legs, and a fair dose of pessimism I wondered if we could make it to Abbotsbury.

Pretty soon the drizzle stopped, and the sun broke through.

I made my way towards Osprey Quay, which houses the coastguard helicopter, and several cafes (none of which I used) and pretty soon I was strolling alongside the A354.

Turnstone were by the shingly harbour beach, and the first of the Kite Surfers were already on the water.

Roz timed my pick up from The Ferry Bridge Inn perfectly, and I was even able to clock a local cab driver and get his business card.

We called their office and asked for a cab at Abbostbury for 10:30am.

A young lady and Vauxhall Zafira showed up right on schedule.

We were amazed to learn she had 14 year old quadruplets as we nattered in her car.

£20 exchanged hands, and at 11:11 we were on our way.



One comment on “BASE CAMP (Royal Breakwater Hotel)”

  1. Enjoyed your posts – we gave Wisley a miss on Friday, knowing the M25 of old….

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