21 Hours in Liege

By: snowgood

Sep 09 2015


Category: Architecture, ART, Belief, Christianity, Faith, Travel

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After the WEC Sportscar race I was up at 7:30am and took the best part of 90 minutes to pack my tent, wash, and get my act together.

I took the direct route through  the Eifel forest, on beautifully smooth roads  as I headed towards Liege.

Why Liege?

I’ve never been there, so why not?  In truth I was drawn by a distant memory of a rally, the Liege-Sofia-Liege event held back in the sixties.

I arrived shortly after mid-day checking into an amazing boutique hotel.  It had exquisite detailing and cost me about 75 euros for the night including city centre parking, and a few drinks.

Once I’d settled in, and had a shower I braved the heat and wandered around hoping to find a barber. Unfortunately they all shut en masse on Mondays.

Eventually I tried out a mediocre Italian restaurant, and then popped into the Cathedral. Two things pleased me.  Firstly it was free (unlike the Anglican Cathedrals back home), and more importantly it was holding an art exhibition.

Better still it was Biblically based. I wouldn’t want this in my lounge, but really ‘dig” the sentiments behind it.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.  

Psalm 119:18

I also revelled in the warmth of the light through the modern stained glass windows.

Out on the streets I spotted a vagrant having a good snooze.

I also took a few shots in the hotel car park, as the stark setting conjours up interesting images.


I was reminded of a Rebus story “Saints of the Shadow Bible” when I spotted this dusty Opel.


Back at the Penta Hotel, I soaked up the purple theme, and took a few shots in my spacious room.


The owners must have spent a mint creating this club like atmosphere.


Two TVs were permanently tuned into an Aquarium, one other was showing golf and tennis.


I took an afternoon nap before venturing out in the cooler evening air. My lemonade morphed into a Jupiter beer, as my host misunderstood the concept of a soft drink.


The Penta Hotel looked good both inside and out.


One comment on “21 Hours in Liege”

  1. Nice story and photos 🙂

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