SWCP – Bigbury to Bantham Ferry (and back)

By: snowgood

Sep 06 2015

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Category: birds, Butterfly, Devon, Moth, Photography, South West Coast Path

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Focal Length:69mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

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Snowgood 03/01/2016

28th August 2015

What to do on our last day in Devon?

A full day walking and a long slog home late in the day?

An early start, and shoot back home?

The sun was shining, so we decided to take “The Golden Midway”.

We left the Music Room before 10:00am and headed off towards Burgh Island.

Not that we walked there and back, no today was all about filling in another little gap.

Bigbury to the Bantham Ferry.

Out bound on the official coast path, in bound beside the River Avon, and down at sea-level.

Roz dropped me off where we’d parked previously, and utilised a different car park further up Folly Hill.

Within minutes we’d gone the wrong way, but after a miniature detour we got back on track.  We enjoyed wonderful views down to the Avon and beach below.

We watched a flotilla of youngsters heading up stream, whilst in the distance we could make out the little village of Bantham.

Up above Buzzards were mewing, and as our route dropped down towards Cockleridge we found ourselves amongst hundreds of buzzing bees.  We kept going and thus avoided any needless pain.

Back down amongst the dunes I spotted a beautiful Six Spot Burnet, reminding me of happy childhood days in St.German. Back then I used to catch butterflies and months in a little net intended for rock pools.

As far I recall none ever came to any harm, all were released after a brief spell in a jam jar.

But I digress.

Not just verbally, but once again we’d headed in the wrong direction due to the scarcity of signposts.

Roz and I stood  in turn near the official ferry embarkation point, but we were too late to make the trip.

If I can get back during September we’ll plug that gap.

Back on the beach Roz went on ahead as I snapped away with my new 18-200mm Sony lens.

We met up again just short of Burgh Island after admiring kite surfers zipping along at incredible speed.

Kite above, and surfers below.

After an excellent snack from the virtually deserted Venus Cafe we headed back to the car an the glamorous environs of Crawley Down.

Not that I’d be there long, my next adventure was just hours away.


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