SWCP – Wembury (gap filler)

By: snowgood

Sep 02 2015


Category: Devon, Nature

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Please note –

Most photos from this post deleted  

03/01/2016 due to a website update.

Waking up on Tuesday 25th August 2015 we weren’t at all sure that we’d manage any of the South West Coast Path.

The rain was hammering down, and we decide to take it easy.

Sitting in the Music Room we read books, and chilled out.  That’s what holidays are for, so I’m guessing we shouldn’t feel guilty?

Checking the BBC weather map as the day progressed it looked like we’d have a small window of opportunity after 2 pm.

I decided to nibble off the 1.6 mile section from Wembury Beach to the Warren Point Ferry.

As National Trust members we availed ourselves of the free parking above Wembury Beach, and tried out the cafe we’d last used 3 years back.

Inside a team of young girls looked after the diners at the handful of tables, including the folk shown below.

It was time for “Gran and Grandpa” to treat their Grandson to a holiday treat.

I chomped on a surprisingly good pasty, and played candid camera.  The little Sony A6000 went undetected!

Walking up a steep path we headed east towards the ferry. It was pretty boggy underfoot.

We were cutting it fine, as the last ferry was due at 4:00pm. We arrived at around 3:30 and waited for “The Ferryman” to appear.

A quaint wooden board could be unlatched thus signalling one’s desire for safe passage across the Yealm estuary.

Whilst we waited a “posh couple” and their daschund paddled across in a small inflatable.

When the ferry arrived we were given a useful discount having explained we were simply filling a gap on our Coast Path trek.

We stood on the slipway for less than two minutes before slipping across the channel once more.

After another brief climb we sat on a bench before heading back to Wembury Beach.  It wasn’t the most arduous of our adventurers, but by taking his short trek we kept up the momentum, and made good use of our brief opportunity.

The wind was really howling, but this little beetle seemed unconcerned as it held on for dear life!


One comment on “SWCP – Wembury (gap filler)”

  1. laughing at the little Daschund peering over the edge. cute.

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