SWCP – Weymouth to Portland

By: snowgood

Aug 13 2015

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Sunday morning and another 44 mile trek to the coast.

Once again we parked up (for free) at the Preston end of Weymouth.

The weather was overcast, with the very occasional splash of sunshine.

We walked the shore line, and headed into town.

Roz spotted my dis-satisfaction at being amongst the thronging masses.

We stopped for coffee before jumping on a the ferry.

Once across the water we were beginning to see the detail of Weymouth Harbour with Portland Bill behind.

These waters were used in the “London” Olympics.  We heard that some events were attended  by just 4 spectators, who stood at the foot of a giant TV screen.

There’s less military activity these days, but the harbour wall is “off limits” to plebs like us.

I marched on, with Roz a few paces behind.

It looked like someone needed to refuel.

I tucked into a sausage sandwich, whilst an immature Herring Gull wandered around looking for leftovers.

Somebody’s ringed this blighter!

Personally I think I’d have shot him.

Half an hour later we were at the Ferry Bridge Inn, and then walking down the path towards Portland Bill.

I was quite taken by this old wooden dinghy.

If only I was 20 years younger and could use the Kite Surfing gear that was being exploited.

Yes that chap really is hanging in mid-air!

A mile and half later we’d arrived at a touristy bar, and then we hit Portland Bill itself.

There were yet more water sports, with 4×4 pulling boats up the slip way.

After hanging about for a bus we took a trip back to Lodiswell for £2.50 a head.

It may have been my first open top bus experience.

3 comments on “SWCP – Weymouth to Portland”

  1. Weymouth was where the Channel Island mail boats docked in the sixties. I always used to look forward to seeing the sand sculptures. I guess the place has changed. And nowadays the ferries dock in Poole.

    Those were the days when the cars were lifted on and off the ships by crane – no roll-on roll-off. The journey to and from the mainland used to take just over four hours – plus time for the ship to be loaded/unloaded. Then we had a similar amount of time in the car – no motorways in those days.

    • You probably didn’t know that Roz’s late uncle was the designer of the Ro Ro Ferry concept. He was a smashing chap who started in the drawing office at the lowest rank and retired as the MD.

      • I never sailed (as in worked) on one. I used to love watching them load and unload the cars on the mailboats – but it did mean quite a wait after disembarking. A bit different to the vessels on the CI route these days. Down to the car deck as the ship enters harbour and drive off!

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