plugging the gaps

By: snowgood

Aug 10 2015

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Category: Photography, Walking


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Note: 03/01/2016 numerous photos

deleted due to website optimisation.

After 16 years in Devon it seems ridiculous that I left it until 2011 to start the South West Coast Path, leaving myself massive gaps to fill after moving to the South East. No bother.  I only ever intended to take on the Cornish coast, but hopefully this year will see me complete the remaining 328 miles. After a last minute run in with a gruff hotelier we found ourselves without a suitable base for last weekend’s latest stint on the Dorset Coast Path. Not that I was about to be beaten, we ended up at Hindon an hour and a quarter drive from the coast, but gratified that we’d not face the 5 hour trip we endured a few weeks back. I’m passionate about avoiding costly car parks, so we parked in Preston (at the Eastern end of Weymouth) and called a cab. Half an hour later, and £25 lighter we found ourselves back at Lulworth Cove in searing heat, but at least we knew we’d not be 6 hours walk away from our car at the end of the day. I’d better come clean and admit that we “cheated” last time out, and slipped onto the beach to avoid a mega climb after a hard slog. So before we started our next proper stage we re-traced our steps along the shore line, and climbed up high above the first of the trippers who were sunning themselves on the pebbly beach. Look at that first photo again. We started down below in the cove, and by the following afternoon had made it to the foot of Portland Bill that way distant “island” in the distance. Before we get there I’ll share a few more photos. Forty minutes later we popped in a pub for a quick coffee (and free apples) before the arduous ascent towards Durdle Dor.   Here’s the view back to Lulworth Cove. Pretty soon we were listening to all the “oohs and aaahs” as the Great British Public, and myriad Spanish folk drank in the views. Here’s the eastern side of Durdle Dor.  And the even more marvellous west side, with the Durdle Dor (archway) in full view. Ideally this picture would have been taken later in the day, and colours would have been better!  I really don’t perform well in direct sunlight, so you can imagine how delighted I was to make the next climb, and descent to be faced with this…..  Thankfully my sherpa was out front carrying our snacks towards our picnic spot.  We munched away on our sandwiches and warps whilst looking down on another cove that featured a white rock, and incredibly long golden sea-weed.   I’ve not got a positive ID on the large green beetles that were flying around, but they enjoyed feeding on ragwort.  The beetle seems to be a Noble Chafer.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.


6 comments on “plugging the gaps”

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Thanks for the walk. I really enjoyed it.

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