Camber Sands and Lydd Airport

By: snowgood

Aug 02 2015

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SPRING CLEAN -03/01/2016

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We watched a fascinating programme about coastal properties last night.

It caught my interest, as it covered several of the spots we visited in our Sandygate holiday earlier this year.

The highlight of the show was an avante garde property at Camber Sands.

Years back Roz’s family would often head off here with sundry other families, but all my beach holidays were in Cornwall.

With the prospect of another baking hot day we decided to “do Church” then head to the coast.

Although we weren’t best pleased to find it was £5.00 to park for three hours.

We handed over the dosh, and pace up the sandy track that led to the beach.

I must of looked a complete wombat, with my Ben Nevis style waterproof coat zipped up to my neck (I never was one for sun cream).

The tide was up, and the beach was heaving with every concievable type tattoo, dog, and BBQ imaginable.

We took up station on the top of the dunes, with a panromic view all around.

Surprisngly it wasn’t the view that had the greatest impact, but rather the cacophony created by the sundry trippers, and families on holiday.

I unzipped my jacket, and slipped on my bright red Virgin Atlantic eye masks.  Utilising a redundant roll beach chair I put my head back and promptly fell asleep.

Thirty minutes later the tide had receded, and i watched juniors jumping off the dunes towards perilously placed BBQs packed with sizzling sausages.

By now I was beginning to feel like exploring.  Just where was the “Sea Gem” we’d be oggling on TV a day earlier?

Packing away our bags we proceeded to East, and saw an altogether more delightful part of the beach.

Whilst there still hundreds of folk, the beach was broader, and there was no need to “stake a claim” to one’s own “territory”.

And there it was, Sea Gem, looking slightly less inspiring than it did on TV? The presenters hadn’t made their visit in peak season, and used a big budget to bring out the best in this cleverly designed home.

You guessed, it’s the fancy one in the middle.

Although further back towards the car park were a few other desirable beach retreats.

We nipped back to the car to avoid a parking fine (just why they can’t charge you on the way out rather get you to guess what you need on the way in is beyond me), and looked for somewhere palatble for a coffee.

Let’s be honest the beach cafe’s all looked run down, or 100% Kiss Me Quick.

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

How about going to the Biggles restaurant/bar at Lydd Airport.  as a lad I devoured the W.E.Johns aviation classics, and hoped to find something inspiring at this somewaht parochial venue.


Biggles, Bertie and Ginger had just flown in!

Here’s his Piaggio P.136 built during the 1950s.

I had a brief chat with the lads (who all sounded rather american) and said goodbye as they filed their route to Air Traffic Control.

Moment later they were airborne, heading for a stop over in France, en route for Lake Como, yup, that’s a glorious Italian lake where I’m guessing these gents will be lauded for keeping a magnificent piece of machinery in the air.

I hope you all had a fun weekend.

It’s back to work in the morning….


2 comments on “Camber Sands and Lydd Airport”

  1. We had a holiday in Lydd in 1969 – it was a bit different then.

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