BBQ, wasps, and Baboons.

By: snowgood

Aug 01 2015

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Summer’s here, and so were a few reli’s.

Time to fire up barbie, and soak up the rays?

You’d think so, but after a few minutes these little critters decided to join in.

Back insider we thought we were safe.

Although there were a few intrusions.

Elijah played cars with his cousin.

Our sense of security was short lived, those pesky wasps followed us through the French doors.

After closing the windows we ate our way through lunch.

Back outside with nothing tempt those flying fiends we were able to relax in safety.

It’s weird that something as small as wasp can smell food a mile off!

Some of us took pictures, others played “keep Uppy”, and Tizzy pushed around her new pram.

We also had a few group photos, with me breaking all the rules about photography in bright sunshine.

Somehow we found ourselves talking about Baboons (seriously, we weren’t talking about the in-laws), and I happened to mention King Solomon was quite partial to the odd baboon.

Andy resolutely refused to believe there were such things mentioned in The Bible.

(See 2 Chronicles 9:21)

After a few soft drinks the crowd dispersed.






2 comments on “BBQ, wasps, and Baboons.”

  1. Love the stickers on the ‘Local Cutie’, so typical. Roz and her sister look so much alike, I mistook the sister for Roz. Nice to have family together for fun.

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