Santana at the O2

By: snowgood

Jul 26 2015

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Yesterday  I caught up with an old friend and experienced Santana at The 02 arena.

It’s about 40 years since I was at anything remotely like this, and I was pleased to find our seats were pretty near both the main entrance, and the stage.

Carlos Santana is 68, but just like Robin Trower (who I heard at a small venue earlier this year) the world renowned guitar legend is still a class act.

Eleven folk made up the band, and I felt the keyboard player and main drummer gave the best supporting performances.

I was quite taken by the complex structure of the roof, which looked somewhat different to my Vango tent.

As I looked up i could imagine James Bond climbing in through the roof.

Maybe he has for all I know, as I’ve not followed his movements that closely.

So thanks to Chris who shelled out the best part of £100 for my ticket.


6 comments on “Santana at the O2”

  1. That looked like quite an experience! We have been to a few concerts in recent years. The Moody Blues were incredible. Our favourite is Roger Hodgson (ex Supertramp). I’d love to see him with full orchestra. He seems to do one concert every other year with orchestra. Usually in a casino in Canada which is a bit too far!

  2. Santana is awesome! Legendary! Love ’em!! You Lucky Duck!

  3. My dad would’ve loved to see this!

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