2015 BHF – London to Brighton Bike Ride

By: snowgood

Jun 21 2015

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

One way traffic in Crawley Down today.

Over 28,000 cyclists will be joining in the fun raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.

All these good folk pass within yards of our home.

There’s quite a mix of ability, with a commensurate variation of expression.

By half way some are already knackered, whilst others sprint through looking like they’ve just started.

Some dress up.

Some ride fancy bikes.

Others simply hire a BORIS bike for the day (possibly not a good idea, as they’re pretty heavy).

My favourite bikes today were the three Choppers!

Although these aren’t quite like the original I once rode.  Back in the seventies I remember them as a 3 speed affair with brakes that came on if you stopped pedalling, these all have a proper 5 speed gears.

Everyone is encouraged to wear a helmet, but not everyone is that safety conscious!

A few angry motorists tried to go in the wrong direction, others revved up to try and force a way through to the south.

Thankfully most folk were sensible, and I believe this Mini was part of the support team.

I’m wondering if this chap thought he was Flintstone?

These cheerful folk represent the vast majority of the participants, they’re smiling and having a good time.

I think I might sign up for next year, all I need is a bike.

Although I won’t be riding as a chicken.

Here’s hoping the money goes a long way, and that everyone gets home safely.


2 comments on “2015 BHF – London to Brighton Bike Ride”

  1. Good photos – to be fair to the chopper riders, they are all original 70’s choppers. They made a 5 speed even back then.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I only ever rode an American import 3 speed “stick” shift/sturmey archer style version which ground to halt via a built in brake in the back hub. At lead I think it was American, as the lad who owned it was from The States.

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