Picking Petals

By: snowgood

Jun 11 2015

Category: Children


We are oh so blessed to have our youngest son, and family here with us for a few weeks.

Regular readers will have seen pictures of Elise during my Hong Kong trip last Novemeber.

Now she’s ONE she’s even more amazing, and fabulous company.

During our week long stay back in Devon I was able to take her outside to indulge in one of her greatest passions, flower and petal picking.

Watching a child make discoveries in amongst the weeds is one of the most therapeutic ways to while away the time.


5 comments on “Picking Petals”

  1. They allow us to stop and see the world through ‘new’ eyes. She’s cute!

    • Super cute! We are so happy to see her, and she’s especially sweet holding out two cupped hands if she wants you to give her something!

  2. It sure is! She’s beautiful and we were truly blessed to have you, Ros, Sam, So-Young and Elise with us last Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your time together. x

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