Nature’s Way

By: snowgood

May 31 2015

Category: birds, Life


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

I’d virtually finished mowing the lawns when it occurred to me I hadn’t trimmed the verges beyond our boundary.

No worries, a quick whizz up and down, and the job would be done. As my glasses darken in the sunshine I was not getting the best possible view as I finished.

It was only after I’d virtually demolished a fluffy bundle that I realised we’d got a fledgling blue tit by the roadside.

He sat still as the Honda hammered past just 2 inches away.

I shut the motor off, and rushed in for my camera.

After a few snaps I started looking for the nest.  The little critter was more able than I realised, and resisted capture.

Much to my surprise it could muster a short flight of no more than 12 inches, at an altitude of half an inch!

Fifteen minutes after my discovery idealised we weren’t alone.

Every so often a full grown parent arrived with grubs to feed her chick.

During the day I spent quite some time saving it from passing cars, and hapless pedestrians.

Living in a home with young babies I was soon drawing comparisons with the way “us humans” look after our young.

There I was thinking baby Blue Tit had been totally neglected, where as they ere simply away looking for grub!

Young tots on the other hand are seldom (if ever) left alone, and seem to be more demanding, and considerably more vocal.

From Taliah, to Elise, and this miniature Blue Tit’s youthful innocence, there a sense of wonder which is a joy to observe.

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6 comments on “Nature’s Way”

  1. How often do we think that we are supreme when all along He has His hand on the problem,and next year there will be more tiny little blue tits that are here without our help.
    It is a wonder!

  2. Such a cute and vitative little creature. Wonderful find. I frequently come across mockingbird fledglings in our yard. Such is the same ritual- the young bird huddles in a shaded area waiting for the parents to return with the juicy viands. Fabulous post! Jubilant cheers,

    smiling toad

    • Thanks, we don’t have mocking birds here. All I know of them is that famous play title. “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

      • They are very much a fixture of the South, here. During nesting season one hears them singing in the middle of the night- such sweet songs penetrating the heavy darkness. I would love to see “To Kill a Mockingbird” as a play. Regards- smiling toad

      • You’ve inspired me to watch the play, or at least find out more. Our blackbirds occasionally sing through the night.

      • Your blackbirds sing through the night, eh? Reminds me of a certain song… 😉

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