Garden of England – Day 2

By: snowgood

Apr 13 2015

Category: Nature

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Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

After precious little sleep the second day of our Kent Holiday was upon us.

We decided to head for Rye Harbour, which is in East Sussex.

Not that we got anywhere near our destination.

As intrepid explorers we were distracted by too many other attractions, and made the most of what we found.

Having enjoyed a cooked breakfast we headed along the A259, and stopped off at the Romney Marsh Nature Reserve.

“Pussy Willow” on the Romney Marsh Reserve.

It wasn’t all that good, but it’s always nice to get out and see what you can hear, or hopefully see on a gentle stroll in a new area.

The volunteers on the reserve were polite and charming individuals, and furnished us with coffee.  The highlights were the particularly vocal resident Green Woodpecker, and an obliging Dabchick that slipped into the water and came quite close.

Roz enjoyed the lambs, and we both found the recordings on a wind up open air device that told us all about the local “Lookers”.

These were folk who worked 7 days a week “looking after” several flocks of sheep for variety of farmers.

Some would stay in a  small wooden hut, which may (or may not) have been shared with a cow!  Imagine that in a building about 8 x 6ft.  Back in the 1920’s there were upwards of 160,000 sheep and hardly any people in this vicinity.

We saw one small flock, of not more than 40, and two farmers with guns.  This is often the way. Naturalists look at the birds, whilst the local land owners shoot them.

I spotted a Small Tortoiseshell amongst the Cherry Blossom, and we both heard the therapeutic sounds of the wonderful miniature steam railway.

There was also an opportunity to shelter from the wind and find time to reading.  Roz was looked a magazine whilst I was in the grip of an early John Buchan novel, “Prester John”.

Later we headed towards Camber Sands, but this too was never reached.

There was ample time for a very windswept walk around the RSPB Dungeness Bird Reserve, and I also took the opportunity to check out the “Old Lighthouse” next to the Nuclear Power Station.

Okay so we were a bit late, but we knew what we’d be doing later in the week!

We enjoyed the sights of the “Prospectors Huts” on this windswept remote headland.  Roz wouldn’t fancy living here, although to me it looked perfect!

After scuttling along the boardwalk we watched a Polish man reeling in a small Place.  Not exactly a valuable reward for a day in the cold.

One of our devices has a picture (which i hope to post later).

Rather than sit our tiny bedroom we escaped to Hythe, and a fabulous Nepali meal in the “Everest Restaurant”. Great food, and charming people.

Diners here have included The Ghurka’s friend, Joanna Lumley.

One thing’s for sure the food was first class, and I promised we’d return.

One comment on “Garden of England – Day 2”

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