Floating Voter

By: snowgood

Apr 03 2015

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Something BIG is happening in the United Kingdom.

What’s more we can all take part!

It’s the 2015 General Election in just 33 days, and so far I haven’t decided which way to vote.

Like many of my generation I have a healthy disrespect for politicians.

I’d like to vote for someone who’s a man (or woman) of their word, rather than a slave to the party.

In the 38 years I’ve been franchised I’ve migrated from abstaining, to making my vote count.

So how do I select my candidate?

TBH I’ll be doing on line research, and examining the progress made by the current bunch of monkeys who’ve been running the nation.

Our slippery leader has (without asking for the nation’s verdict) legalised something which I do not support.

My previous M.P. in Devon voted against Cameron on this matter, but at the time I decided “our Leader” did not deserve my vote.

Today I researched my local candidates, and find that this complacent Tory party are parachuting in a candidate who until the last few weeks lived in Buckinghamshire.

Here’s his personal website below, honestly you couldn’t make this up!

The Labour website cannot tell me who my local candidate will be,

but has made several attempts to block a search requesting financial, and physical support.  Oh dear!

Let’s be honest Labour could not engineer anything apart from a bigger welfare state, and enormous national deficit.

So who else is standing?

There is one interesting candidate, a Cliff Richard look-a-like who will be part of Nigel Farrage’s crazy gang.

I’d be tempted to vote for him, but the purple and yellow UKIP posters are usually plastered on the side of 1982 Ford Mondeos, and clapped out LDV vans.

These in turn suggest the party wouldn’t have a clue on how to run the local chip shop, let alone our nation. BUT I don’t agree with EU Membership, and agree with UKIP that all the main parties have no autonomy whilst we are pouring millions into Brussels.

My wife isn’t convinced they’re credible, and my son finds them scary.

Personally I haven’t got a problem with hundreds of thousands of East Europeans coming here to work, but please can we do a swap and send any English people who aren’t prepared to work across to Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania in exchange?

Who else is standing?

The Liberal Democrat website suggests their candidate is Morwen Millson, but I could only find this after quite a search and she appears to be the only candidate on the site who hasn’t got a proper section to tell voters what she offers!  Come on Clegg and co., this is as simple as ABC.  Your candidate’s profile needs uploading!

Then there’s the Green Party.  Yes, that’s the party headed by a lady who can’t even do basic Maths when being interviewed on Radio 4.  Lord help us should this group of idealists win a seat.

I see there’s an independent called Jim Rae, who’s recently fallen out with the Tory central office.  Read all about it below.

Councillor Jim Rae to contest election for Horsham MP following his deselection. Deputy Leader of Horsham Council Councillor Helena Croft (Roffey North) and Councillor Jim Rae (Holbrook East) have been deselected as Tory candidates for the forthcoming May elections. The decision was taken at a meeting of The Horsham Conservative Association on Saturday February 16 at which neither Councillor Croft, believed to be holidaying in France or Councillor Rae, immobile due to a recent knee operation, were present. Councillor Rae, who was notified of the decision by text message, has since resigned from the Conservative Party and will stand as an Independent. 

Perhaps he’s my man.

Should he be elected he’d bring his inside knowledge of local government, and he wouldn’t be swayed by any of the Big Three party leaders.

There’s also a chap standing for the “Something New” party.  I can’t support or comment on him as his entire campaign is based on Facebook.  I’m not on FB, so I haven’t a clue on what he’s all about.

That’s it.

After two hours of research I’m no nearer making a selection!













6 comments on “Floating Voter”

  1. Good review, thanks for the intro to each… Is it too late to stand myself?

  2. If I were you I’d vote for anyone in the comfort of knowing whoever it is can’t be worse than what we have in Australia. If you really want to know have a look
    at http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/tony-abbotts-10-biggest-gaffes-clangers-and-cringeworthy-moments-20150311-140qnp.html

  3. In case you’re still looking for info, the Something New campaign isn’t *just* on Facebook 🙂


    • James, I’m still no nearer making a decision, and I will be voting. Thanks for actively participating in my decision making process. I guess I’m a marginal voter – I don’t buy any papers, and don’t watch the TV. You’ll not be surprised to learn the only major party not to make any effort in our street ears blue! I’m checking your link on anther tab.

    • James, your party has some good policies. a friend in Hungary became an MP in 2010 after standing against the establishment – although he found the whole system corrupt and demotivating.

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