Balancing Act (Book Review)

By: snowgood

Apr 02 2015

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I guess I bought this a few months back, on the premise that I’d been so tied up with Robert Harris it was time to try something different.

Joanna Trollope is a bit of a “Girlie” author.

I imagine her average reader is female, but when I picked this one up I was looking for a book by an author I could trust.

Joanna Trollope first came to my attention when “The Rector’s Wife” was made into a short TV series.

The last of her books I’d read was “A Passionate Man”, which had two central characters who carried me along like an express train.

To a simple man like me “Balancing Act” proved difficult to follow.  I was being bounced around from character to character without getting to know them.

Sixty pages after I started (probably at 30,000 ft en route to Glasgow) I stalled.

But listening to Joanna on Radio 4 the I thought “Let’s try again”.

I only “got into”the story after 150 pages (just shy of half way in). It centres on the relationships within a family pottery business.

Susan is the central character, and founder of a Staffordshire business employing 200 staff and steered by 4 family members.

I identified with Susan’s laid back husband Jasper, and therein lies my problem. I never warmed to any of the women.

Leo was next favourite, especially as he runs scared from a meeting with “Mum’s” in a coffee shop, wandering away full of self doubt.

And then there was quiet, and thoughtful Neil who kept his emotions in check, whilst his inner being yearned for the hapless Grace.

So whilst I may not rate this as a “must read” novel, I found it a pleasant diversion from the meaty Harris novels I’ve been dipping into over recent years.

7 out of 10!










2 comments on “Balancing Act (Book Review)”

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve heard of this author, but have never read any of her work.

    • I think you’d enjoy her early stuff, they lend themselves to TV adaptations, but I doubt you’ll find them – they were aired years back.

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