This Easter

By: snowgood

Mar 29 2015

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Little Taliah has a mild bout of conjunctivitis.

This happened whilst we had a doctor under our roof.

He volunteered to attend a local pharmacy and write out a prescription, as long as I could show him the way.

So today I found myself at Sainsburys looking at a vast array of £1.00 Chocolate Eggs, whilst Dr.Andy was scribbling out a prescription at the pharmacy.

The aisles of eggs were disheartening and almost vulgar.

How can a carton with a foil wrapped Malteser Easter Egg possibly make its way onto a shelf for a quid?

Does anyone make any money from this blatant marketeering?

So what’s going on?

Do I sense a conspiracy?  An opportunity to dilute the horror of Good Friday, or discard the astounding joy of Easter Sunday?

Whilst I’m happy to munch chocolate, I’d invite one and all to look away from cheap confectionary and poke your noses into the Gospel narrative.

For all her faults the Church of England follows an annual calendar which gives Easter due prominence.

Today “our” Vicar (and myriad others) stood at the front and read Mark 14 and 15 from beginning to end.

In Mark 14 Jesus is anointed, eats his last meal, loses an avaricious follower, and his friends fall away in his hour of need.  After a word of prophecy Jesus stands trial with the paranoid religious elite. And finally his most ardent follower denounces his Lord.

In Mark 15 the one who’d healed many, fed thousands and calmed storms stands before Pilate. The governor sees through the religious hypocrisy and looks to engineer a swift release for the King of the Jews. But the chapter ends at the tomb, with a incredibly bold man begging for The Rabbi’s body.

We’ve arrived at a very dark place.

To be continued….








2 comments on “This Easter”

  1. I love it when people are able to say what they believe. And I love the pic of the cross on the blood red cloth.

    • Thank you – not everyone has this freedom, we had better enjoy it whilst we can. In some countries I could be imprisoned for that simple post.

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