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By: snowgood

Jan 25 2015

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Category: South West Coast Path, Walking


Focal Length:120mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Last Monday I heard Ken Scott give an illustrated talk entitled “Touching the Light”.

It was designed to challenge photographers into being more adventurous.

He suggests that our primary goal should be get out and enjoy the mountains, hills, and open spaces ideally at dawn or dusk when the light creates the best effects.

I was so inspired that I headed off to Dorset to start my unfinished part of the South West Coast Path.

Here’s my second shot of the day, looking back from the Sandbanks Ferry, at the mouth of Poole Harbour.

It might not be dawn, but at least Stuart and I were about to start a “mini adventure”.

Once we’d arrived at Studland we chose to drive on beyond Swanage, park up and hunt out a taxi.

Could we make it to Dancing Ledge?

Possibly not when you start out at 1:00pm, but after an £18.00 taxi ride we made it back to the start.

In this shot I’m looking back to our starting point, whilst amongst the dunes and marram grass.

We pinched ourselves wondering how the weather and light could be this good in the midst of a British winter.

Having walked around the aptly name “Shell Bay” we were on the exposed haul up towards Studland.

It seemed busier than a summer’s day, and thankfully the naturists weren’t out to spoil the view!

As we headed into the sun my light sensitive glasses turned black.

It took me a while to appreciate how many photo opportunities I was missing.

Perhaps a mile into the walk I chose to “shoot into the light”, and this next shot exemplifies the brightness of the day, and is totally untouched.

The ridge in background leads towards Old Harry Rocks, but more of that later.

As we trudged up the beach I recognised the egg case of the Lesser Spotted Dogfish (a small shark), Stuart’s holding it up to give you an idea of scale.  The popular name for these is “Mermaid’s Purse”.

Stuart and I share a passion for birds, and without him I’d have missed the Sanderlings rushing around the shore-line even though I had inadvertently caught them on camera in the composition below.

These waders are no more than 8 inches long, but look far smaller as they scurry about the surf picking out their invertebrate prey.

Having walked for less than an hour and twenty we decided to soak up the views and enjoy our sandwiches.

Was there ever a more enjoyable meal?

I doubt it, especially as my companion played the part of a comedian.  Using the light to illuminate a bottle of beer the inevitable happened. It slipped over before Stuart could get the camera in focus.

We treated to high altitude fly passes by Brent Geese, and a low level pass from these wonderful Oystercatchers.

That’s it for now, I’ll try and upload more later.

Have a great Sunday.










3 comments on “starting over”

  1. enjoyed the birds and the shooting into the light. very strange and unique egg case.

    New format here on your blog?

  2. this one’s fine by me.

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