We’re just back from a stage play of E.Nesbit’s classic book “the Railway Children”.

I loved the 1970 film, and was looking forward to the play.

We made our way to Kings Cross Station (by train) were our “budget seats” were upgraded at no extra cost!

On a good night the audience are a thousand strong, but we were at 25% of capacity for “our” show.

It’s always fun to see how these productions are shoehorned onto a set, rather than across the Yorkshire Dales or the front room of a London home.

The designers have done a great job, with two parallel stages (the platforms of a railway station).  The centre stage was on wheels and constantly moving.

Therein lies this production’s problem.

The cast were upstaged by the set!

Give them their due they did a fine job of mingling with the audience as the play started, but there were no star performances.

Though “Perks” and “The Old Man” were good, and a wee girl of 5 looked fabulous in her frock as she played hop scotch on Platform 1.

Nesbit infused the story with allegories not least the “man who will return”, and exhortations to honesty, and benevolence.

As ever these are a nudge to readers and audience alike to do their bit for their fellow man.

Live in London?

Should you go?





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