Snowgood 2014 WordPress Review

By: snowgood

Dec 30 2014

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Here’s a taster;

This blog was viewed 33,252 times in 2014.

If it were a performance at the Minack Theatre, it would take over 44 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Comparing these stats with the previous two years I see that bad news is more popular than good.

Figures peaked when a family member was seriously ill, although many of you still check out his progress as he returns to full health.

Stripping out these critical peaks and looking at a typical months there’s still growth.

I don’t do Facebook, but I noticed a surge of interest on one post which was entirely driven by this intrusive media.

Thanks for all your comments and “likes”.

Click here to see the complete report.


3 comments on “Snowgood 2014 WordPress Review”

  1. I deleted mine without reading.

  2. Oooh interesting report, ta…and hey, I’m on the map woohoooo! Nappygoodyear to come ;0)

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