Coot Club

By: snowgood

Nov 10 2014

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Category: birds, Nature


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Here’s a very bold Coot.

It came along hoping to be fed, giving me “the eye”.

They can be very aggressive on the water, but this one seemed placid around people.

Quite why this (and not the others) reminded me of the old Arthur Ransome book is beyond me.

Coot Club is a tale about youngsters messing about on the Norfolk Broads, including  a dramatic rescue on Breydon Water.

I must have read it forty years ago after messing about on The  Broads on an official school trip.

Somehow despite the fascinating settings The Swallows and Amazon series (including Coot Club) never really floated my boat!

I preferred Enid Blyton.




5 comments on “Coot Club”

  1. I enjoyed both Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome books. I also had two splendid Easter holidays on the Norfolk Broads in 1969 and 1970 with an organisation called Venturers that ran Christian sailing holidays for boys.

    • No wonder you ended up on the High Seas. I was a few years behind you, try to sail my way through thoughtless motor boats and bath tubs navigated by the forerunners of those thoughtless folks who park on pavements outside the school gate!

      • Growing up in Guernsey was another link in the call to the ocean! Dad knew one of the chief officers on the ferries and I remember visiting the bridge as a ten-year-old and being taught how to steer!

        As for the morons that obstruct vessels that are less able to manoeuvre I remember a cartoon from years back showing a weekend sailor in a narrow channel shaking his fist at the bridge of a passing ship and shouting “sail before steam!” Another memory is of a pilot taking us into New York telling our captain he was just going to close his eyes and let the little boats get out of our way!

  2. Excellent photograph Stephen. Those black and white birds are so tricky. Your light was just perfect 🙂 I nearly always lose the detail in the white or in the black.

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