Redeeming the Time

By: snowgood

Nov 06 2014

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Category: Life, Robert Harris


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

We arrived in plenty of time for our Easy Jet flight from Basel to Gatwick.

There was also the added joy of meeting friends and have a good chin wag before all the indignity of the Airport Security Check was carried out.

I assure one day I will wear oversize trousers that fall to the ground when my belt comes off!

Now I’ve jumped off my hobby horse let me tell you what happened next.


That’s right – absolutely NOTHING.

In a perverse way a good moan makes you feel a bit better at first.

Being muppets we were two of only five people who’d got through the point of no return.

After ages a screen eventually displayed a notice.

Flight delayed by four and a half hours!


No worries we were getting a free club sandwich and a bottle of water.

Except the coffee shack had no sandwiches!

Eventually everyone piled through passport control, and sandwiches arrived.

So what to do for the next three and half hours?

Redeem the time.

Dip into our “carry on” and pull out a second hand Robert Harris novel.


Soon I was devouring the pages.

I wasn’t the least bothered by the delay but caught up with Cicero’s power struggle in Rome.

After reading “The Fear Index’ by the same author (a little disappointing) I at last had no good reason to read the next in my backlog of paperbacks.

What a good read.

Half the book was gone by the time we climbed aboard on orange white tube and headed into the clouds.

Back home I polished off the book in a week.

It’s even changed my life.

I now take a short exercise session each day!






2 comments on “Redeeming the Time”

  1. What did Roz do whilst your nose was in a book?

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