unbelievable “Harder Kulm”

By: snowgood

Nov 04 2014

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Category: Humour


Focal Length:47mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

The funicular  took us 2500 feet above Interlaken.

We arrived as the viewing platform in light snow, sharing it with a handful of Koreans and local cattle.

Evolution has played an amazing part in the development of the Florus Bogus cattle in these parts.

The brown species that used to be on Harder Kulm slopes constantly got lost in winter, and gradually over millions of years they’ve developed an “easy see” coat which makes them visible in low light conditions.

Furthermore the hairs have become highly matted, and won’t allow the cold to permeate through.

Its thought this particular species will thrive for years to come, with or without human assistance.

Locals round them up twice a day to harvest the fondue cheese they donate to the Swiss tourist trade.



4 comments on “unbelievable “Harder Kulm””

  1. I would definitely buy a farm if I could have cows like that…do they produce rainbow milk?

  2. having a bit of fun with us, hmmm?

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