the little people

By now it was gone noon, and we didn’t feel like eating.

The lady in Hotel Rozzy suggested we try the Harderbahn.

Yup, the one which we’d virtually walked past half an hour earlier.

Let me explain.

It’s not a Germanic High Speed Road, but a route up the side of glacial valley, but a Funicular railway.

I remembered riding on one all those years ago on my school trip, but this was so much smarter.

Standing in the waiting room after handing over an arm and a leg I wondered how the Swiss could keep the line open when nobody was around.

I guess ours is not reason why, just enjoy.

The carriage is shaped like a parallelogram and whizzes upwards on gradients as steep as 64 degrees.  The occupants sit on giant steps, and (weather permitting) get a cracking view of Lake Brienz and the valley below.

Half-way up the driver swapped trains with the one coming down, thus allowing her to get back to the ticket office and drum up more business.

Up top we were delighted to be above the snow line, as we ambled up the Harder Kulm panoramic restaurant.

Incredibly after the mist of the valley we found our arrival coincided with relatively clear vistas down into the valley below, and further views out to Lake Thun to the west.

We spotted a few friendly Koreans, and these Little People, who were enjoying the cold and never stopped smiling.






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