Swiss Air Swans

By: snowgood

Oct 29 2014

Category: birds, Nature, Travel


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

If youy’ve driven down the M4 in Wiltshire you may see RAF Hercules transport planes flying at low level.

You’d think they’re navigating with an AA atlas.

For years people have marvelled at bird migration.

Artic Terns fly up to 22,000 miles a year, and even Mute Swans will travel to pastures new from time to time.

How do they do it?

I’ve never seen a Swallow with a Tom Tom, but each year they come back again.

The same activities occur in Switzerland.

As we stood on the platform at Interlaken I watched our train roll in, whilst up above two Mute Swans flew above the tracks.

Using man made features seems to be the surest way of getting from place to place, but what do Swiss Air Swans do when they reach a tunnel?

I’v no idea, but they looked glorious as we set off towards the highest railway station in Europe.

More of which later…..




2 comments on “Swiss Air Swans”

  1. Birds are awesome in the way they migrate… Birds have multiple ways in which they navigate. Songbirds migrate mostly at night and use the stars to determine their direction of travel. Many day migratory birds use the sun and landmarks to navigate. Snow geese teach their young the migratory path that they will follow the rest of their lives, even using the same stopover spots in their journey from year to year… You may be correct in your train track theory, if the birds have learned that that track goes the direction they want then it would be an easy path to follow.

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