Basel – Take 2

By: snowgood

Oct 27 2014

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Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Basel – Switzerland – Picture 2

During our 7 days in Switzerland I took 1087 photographs.

This one is in my top ten favourites.

The setting was an elevated cobbled area fairly high above the Rhine, and not far from a whole bunch of guys erecting a fun fair.

Millinga round was a film crew with very impressive kit, and of course Canon cameras.

They were briefing the commentator of their documentary, or somesuch production.

Every now and then he’d look to camera and rattle off a few words.

The weather was a bit murky, or should I say Merkelly?

Anyhow wherever there’s a strong polician there will be those who take a stand in the opposite direction.

Even in affluent Switzerland there are those who can’t stand what’s going on just across the border.

I’m not taking sides, but I do like this sticker, and they way it contrasts with the ancient backdrop.

Arthur mentioned much of this area was flattened by an earthquake several hundred years back, but there’s still a number of very old buildings in the centre of town.




2 comments on “Basel – Take 2”

  1. Does this mean we will be seeing 1087 posts? 😉

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