borderline walk

By: snowgood

Oct 25 2014

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Category: Photography, Travel, Walking


Focal Length:65mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Our host took Roz and I on a memorable walk.

We left Hofstetten-Flüh and crossed over the French border into Alsace.

The vineyards are in Switzerland, and the castle in France.

Even though it was late October we had to carry a few bottles of water as insurance again the hot sun.

More on this adventure to follow.


4 comments on “borderline walk”

  1. It just kills me, for you folks in the UK, a jaunt through Europe is just a hop, skip and a jump. envious here.

    • Well, well. Whilst we were having lunch with our friends in switzerland I mentioned how you are right in the middle of a HUGE land mass, and that I just couldn’t cope being so far from the sea. So, yes I can imagine those feelings. When were you last able to wlak with your toes in a salt water sea or ocean?

      • 1994! My best, long time friend lives in Southern California and the four times I visited, have been the best vacations of my life! Other than that, several trips earlier to dip the toes into the Atlantic. Doesn’t compare to California! As for that land mass, well… you are correct!

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