just off the M40

By: snowgood

Oct 08 2014

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Category: Life, Travel, work


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

An early start and a trip to Birmingham.

The M25 may have been slow, but M40 always speeds me towards the destination.

On each and every trip I recall the day James Hunt died.

I always look at the Gaydon exit with sadness as it was there that the news filtered through all those years ago.

He had his faults, but don’t we all?

Coming home this evening I was gobsmacked by the vivid colours of a double rainbow.

The M40 corridor seems to serve up this phenomena on a regular basis.

Here’s my best effort, shot just east of Banbury.



2 comments on “just off the M40”

  1. Nice rainbow… just Googled ‘James Hunt’.

  2. He was Britain’s best Formula 1 driver, and a great commentator. After a “colourful” professional career in motorsport he reformed, and “went steady” with one lady, and even used to pray every night with his boys before they went to bed. It’s said he was happiest after his glory days when his fortune was depleted.

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