Water Forget-me-Nots

By: snowgood

Aug 13 2014


Category: Children, Flowers, Life


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Whilst I’m stuck down memory lane here’s another from my youth.

Water Forget-me-nots.

Just about every boy and girl living in our village were in “The Gang”.

If we weren’t climbing Uley Bury, or steeplechase racing in the woods we’d be playing with water.

Pooh sticks was a favourite, but I used to admire the plants as well.

Cowslips, daisies, buttercups, and these gangly Forget-Me-Nots, which being the “Water” variety tended to have less flowers, and more gangly stems.

Through the wonders of Google Maps I can probably bring you a road-side photo of the self same spot.

I wonder how many 7-11 year olds get run wild over several square miles without worrying their parents?

Precious few I’d reckon.

Back then we knew “no better” and enjoyed the great outdoors, with my only real fear being the times the cows would come and crowd in on me through curiosity rather than malice.

When we were up high on top of Uley Bury we’d play a game of leaning into the wind with our arms outstretched.  It was often so blowy one felt just a step away from being able to fly.



A few hundred yards from my home a brook tumbled down Lampern Hill.




3 comments on “Water Forget-me-Nots”

  1. Not far from Uley is the village of Chalford (between Stroud and Cirencester) where I lived until 1959 when we moved to Plymouth before ending up in Guernsey. I have many wonderful memories of the freedom we had as children growing up in Guernsey. Most of our free time was spent on the beach and rocks, or on Grandes Rocques fort. It all seems such a long time ago now.

  2. I took a look at the Google images… clicked through some of the photos. What a lovely and charming place to live–at any age!

  3. I remember forget-me-nots. Here, I have blue plumbago which is like a bigger forget-me-not.

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