Common Scents

By: snowgood

Aug 12 2014

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Category: Flowers, Nature, Walking

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Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Walking in the British countryside is such a joy.

There are so many species to see, so many habitats to enjoy.

As a primary schoolboy I took a fair bit of interest in trees.

As a teenager caterpillars, butterflies, and insects held a greater attraction.

In my twenties equipped with a set of “bins” birds caught my imagination.

In my forties the aural aspects of the countryside meant a lot, I’d really enjoy being woken by Peregrine Falcons screaming over “our” valley.

In my fifties I’m really getting a kick out of dragonflies, but love to brush my hands through plants with a strong scent.

Here’s one from today’s trip around Warnham Nature Reserve.

Water Mint (Mentha aquatica).

I nearly made a fool of myself as one sprig was up close to stingers!

If you’re out walking gently grasp the base of the stem and run your hand up to flowering tip.

Then sniff your “minty” hand.

It’s even more enjoyable if you’re a bit sweaty from walking quickly before the gates of Warnham Reserve close!



One comment on “Common Scents”

  1. Thanks for sharing your love of nature. I love the wild flowers of England (and the beautiful gardens of course!) They say England has beauty on the ground and we have it in our skies.

    I was really upset with my brother when visiting him at Warsash, and he mowed the lawns and the orchard area, destroying the daisies, buttercups and bluebells. I don’t remember any with a strong smell.

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