“that time of year again”

By: snowgood

Aug 04 2014


Category: Nature, Photography


Focal Length:320mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

One of these barged in on a conversation I was having at Bob’s funeral.

Here’s one at a safe distance (I was using my long lens).

Wasps, not my favourite creatures.




4 comments on ““that time of year again””

  1. Glad you made it – I was sorry to miss Uncle Bob’s funeral

    • Hi Conrad
      Crossing continents for a few hours isn’t all that easy.
      Did you start the new job already?
      Hope it all works out okay.
      Have you tried painting/sketching your local lavender field?

      • Yep – started today. Went up to the lavender field yesterday with the kids- prompted by your photo. Would have asked why you didn’t drop in, but we were away..

  2. Not my favourite creature either. I don’t like any creepy-crawlies. We have a super-abundance here, including many very ugly ones, but my least-liked are mosquitoes which carry some very dreaded diseases.

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