This is Boston

By: snowgood

Aug 03 2014

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Category: Church, Life

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Earlier in the week I was faced with a simple choice.

Should I cross the hotel car park and dine at the golf club, or drive into Boston.

The former was appealing, but a quick look on “The Net” enticed me into the car.

The clincher? This place boasts the largest church building in England.

Approaching the town “The Stump” came into view,lit by the low evening sun.

I parked up hoping to take a few shots before  eating.

The first, a close cropped man grinding the threshold on his “Continental Store”.

Next the Maud Foster windmill.

Five sails and seven floors, impressive.

In the streets the occasional pedestrian gabbled into a mobile phone, whilst youngsters roamed aimlessly.

Boston has a few intriguing alleyways, well worth investigating.

I came across pigeon lofts, sunflowers, and a beer can.

In journalistic fashion I upended it, letting the dregs spill out.

At the end of the alley a few “n’er do wells” in a 306 eyed me suspiciously, I disarmed them by asking the way.

Further on a council worker barred my way into the park, before telling me I’d be okay if iIwas quick.

Then more “Continental Stores” flogging cheap booze.

And so to the church (the Stump) which promised much, but delivered little.

Now it looked tatty, with window panes missing, and the obligatory Peregrine up top screeching.

Around the perphery lads were drinking or messing about on BMXs.

The church gates were chained together, with a sign saying “Climb the Stump” from 10:00am.

The nation once invaded by Nazis has herself made a significant incursion.

Boston which sent early settlers across the Atlantic is now shedding “natives” to an Eastern invasion.

Is that acceptable?

You can draw your own conclusions.

Personally I prefer integration to annexation.












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