By: snowgood

Jul 27 2014


Category: Belief, Church, Faith, Prayer, Scripture


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Nadir. “The lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation”.

Our week in Aldeburgh was superb, but we hit rock bottom for an hour on Sunday.

Why is it that something which should be so good turns out so awful?

I won’t name the Church, as it could apply elsewhere, but going to church shouldn’t make us cringe.

This place had a minister, musicians, and a smattering of Bibles.

It lacked passion, a sermon (teaching), or any engagement with the congregation.

The intercessions were preceded by a talk on what we might pray about, and then a vain repetition of the same by the minister.

There were undoubtedly a handful of genuine people here, but for the life of me I can’t understand why they show up each week.

The fudged sermonette was one verse of scripture illustrated by a diagram of a triangle.

The sad fact is that we could have been in any one of thousands of congregations across the land.

Here’s hoping the secular tide eroding the fundamentals of our faith stirs up a few faithful saints in the mould of Gideon.

Men or women who’ll put everything on the line to proclaim the truth (no matter how unpopular it makes them).

4 comments on “Nadir”

  1. Passion plays a huge role in keeping our faith alive. I hope soon this church and it’s community will find enthusiasm and rebirth. Going to church is a joyful event and hopefully it will be both seen and felt. Have a great week.

  2. …and notice the absence of younger folk?

  3. I clicked the “like” button, for the tone of the post, not for the information in it . . . sad, and even sadder that the same could also be said about too many other ‘churches’.

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