Tissues Required

By: snowgood

Mar 04 2013

Category: Children, Fear, News, Thanks


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Thanks for checking in for the latest news on little Elijah and the lovely So Young.

Since I last wrote Sam has sent a very encouraging email from Hong Kong.

So Young has had some pretty bad times with her heart scares these last few months, and they were very concerned when she was ill yesterday.

Thankfully the trip to hospital has revealed that whilst she went through “light and momentary trouble” yesterday they were simply connected to something she’d eaten rather than a reaction to her medication, or further heart problems.

So that’s the Good News.

Here’s the hardest part.

The tests at Newham Hospital reveal “traces” in Elijah’s blood.

I’ve not been able to sit face to face with Joe and hear all the details, but you can guess what the medics are suggesting.

Roz has been on the road to lend a hand.  She’s now with Joe and together they’ll meet up with our Nancy and Elijah shortly after they arrive back at Gt. Ormond Street Hospital. Probably arriving at 5:00pm UK time.

I’m not going to attempt to say more, or hazard a guess how things will develop.  We just don’t know.

Can you pray that Elijah will cope as well as he did last time?  It’s a big ask, as he wasn’t able to walk back in December.  Now he’s found his feet he just wants to charge around and enjoy himself.

Joe’s employer has been first rate again. The top man from Stewardship was on the scene to help Joe and Nancy through the darkest hours this morning.  It was a real boost for them.

I’m packing my laptop and plan on being bedside, and available to help the family these next few days.

Thanks for all your support.


6 comments on “Tissues Required”

  1. We are so discouraged to read this. Our hearts sank as we heard bits and pieces of the news yesterday. Just so concerned for dear little Elijah, his mommy,daddy and tiny sibling. Praying, praying, praying.

  2. Picked up yesterday’s post this morning and read it with a sinking feeling. immediately pushed it around the Chudleigh prayer chain. Much love and many prayers for you all.

  3. thinking and praying, Stephen.

  4. George and I are thankful that you and Roz are near enough to be there for our kids and precious grandson xxx We are praying for strength for you both as you be that support.


  5. Grindingly unpleasant for all involved. Thinking of you all still.

  6. Praying for you and Roz, Wilma & George, and especially for Elijah, Nancy and Joe. Praying also for the doctors and medical staff. As a mother, I can only imagine what Nancy is going through, but I also know the sustaining power of the Lord as we face these things. I know He will give peace, comfort and strength and will undertake for you all, and for Elijah.
    His promises are true.
    Deut 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

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