Daily Bread

By: snowgood

Feb 23 2013

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I’m driven by S P E E D.

I eat fast, think fast, and then there’s my driving!

However despite being an avid reader I’ve never been able race through a novel.

One can take speed reading courses, but they just don’t appeal.

Although I am driven by achievement.

Once again I am reading the entire Bible in a year.

It’s nearly the end of February and I’ve “rattled off” the entire New Testament, and the Book of Genesis.

There are times I enjoy it so much I want to race on ahead.

Something inside says,”You’re a slow reader why not bag a few extra chapters today?”

The sub-plot being I might finish my mission more quickly, and “bank a few pages” for when I can’t fit in a daily reading.

Lately I’ve marvelled at God’s promises to Moses, and thinking how He Knows even when we haven’t a clue.

Moses was singled out to lead a nation, and God told him “The Deal” beforehand.

Pharaoh was always going to be stubborn, but back at his initial briefing God promised Moses success and that he’d plunder the Egyptians.

Even so Moses has his doubts, and gets quite “touchy” about the job in hand.

Today I’ve reached the climax of the story.

Moses leads the Hebrews across the Red Sea, and Egyptian’s are destroyed as the waters wash over them.

Six hundred thousand slaves are free, but parked up in the wilderness and there’s not a Tesco’s in sight.

But God provides their daily bread!

Manna from heaven.

We need to depend on Him daily.

Tomorrow’s helping today doesn’t work.

It goes stale!


Give us this day our Daily Bread.



One comment on “Daily Bread”

  1. He does – and it is always a plentiful supply.

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