A turn for the worse

By: snowgood

Dec 07 2012

Category: Children, Fear, Photography


Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’m sorry folks, but Nancy has just reported Elijah’s white blood cell count has fallen back.

He obviously isn’t fixed yet.

Joe’s exhausted, and I can only imagine how Nancy must feel.

The transfer to The Royal London won’t be happening just yet, so we are about to make the 230 mile run back up to be “cot-side” again.

We’ll keep you posted.

Prayers appreciated, as ever.


PS This photo’s an old one.

7 comments on “A turn for the worse”

  1. Oh no! We were so hoping that this wouldn’t happen. Yes we are on our knees before our Great Physician!

    • Thanks for sticking to the task, when folk contract some rare virus like this it is often a rocky road to recovery. He’s still in the best hands, with many praying hands seeking healing. That’s got to be the best combo.

  2. Stephen, what can I say? My heart goes out to you all, especially to Nancy (call me a sexist, but a mother’s heart for her children is something special).
    You KNOW I am uplifting you all before our great God who has us all in His keeping.

  3. Oh what rotten luck. Still, we are praying and keeping our fingers crossed and doing positive thinking. Let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help in any way. God bless you all. Much love, Judith and Brian. xx

    • Judith, thanks for keeping up to date. We have to trust that The Lord knows best, but if Abraham could beseech God for mercy on two little towns, and Jesus himself cried for his Father’s will to be done I guess we just need to do the same. It’s a good time for us as a family to draw together and appreciate life, each other ,and the stuff that really matters.

  4. We will intensify our prayers… careful on the road and get there safely… hope all goes well..

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