The bit in the film when the music changes

By: snowgood

Dec 04 2012

Category: Belief, Faith, Fear, Hope, Life, News


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

You know what I mean?

Nothing’s on screen to say something nasty is going to happen, but the music gives the game away.

We’re at that stage.

At lunch time all was fine and dandy, 5 hours later I walked back into Elijah’s room.

He’s been checked, and the doctors are concerned about the swelling on his hand, and the area which had the infection.

After a quick update on family stuff back in Calgary we decided to head back out for Joe’s choice of evening meal.  I was first to put my coat on and step into the corridor.

Just then a pack of doctors arrived.  Five in all.

It’s the first time I’ve seen ’em as they do their rounds in the mornings before we arrive.

Roz and I listen in to their appraisal of the situation.  The top man passes his concerns to the others as they all clean their hands before entering the room.

There’s another op due, asap tonight.  Probably 10:00pm. 

I’m not wanting to hear this, and hurry off to keep “The Team” informed.

It could all be ok, but I’d rather trust your prayers than my anxieties.

Thanks again

18 comments on “The bit in the film when the music changes”

  1. From jill we are still praying
    Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

  2. we haven’t stopped…

  3. >> “I’d rather trust your prayers than my anxieties”
    Stephen, your anxieties are understandable. I know you are well aware of the promise of 1 Peter 5:7 and that you and all the family are trusting in our great God and are at peace in Him, but anxieties for Elijah, born out of love for him, are expected.
    . . .
    The fact that hundreds, across the world, who are praying for Elijah, for Joe and Nancy, for you and Roz, for Wilma, for Jean, and importantly for wisdom for the nursing and medical staff, must give you enormous comfort and encouragement.
    . . .
    The FACT that the eternal God is our Refuge and underneath and round about us are His loving arms, must give you a peace beyond understanding, in the middle of such a turmoil. What a tremendous privilege is ours to be loved by the omnipotent, creator God, with whom ALL things are possible. What an incomprehensible – yet deeply experienced – truth to know that we are precious to Him and that He only desires the very, very best for us.

    Waiting to hear more, but trusting our amazing God.

    • Angela I’m thinking you should be paid for what you write. Of course you will be rewarded when the trumpet sounds, as you often say. One day nearer.


    • When I get back to Devon I’ll look that one up. It’s great to have Wilma here, I hear you’re taking some great shots. How about starting your own blog?

  5. Thanks so much for keeping us so informed Steve. We are praying SO hard for you all. I know God is holding you all in his hands now x

    • Thanks Claire. Good to hear from you. I read out your comment to Joe as we were coming back tonight. God Bless you, and your tireless work with the kids in Wales.

  6. Can you please update us after the surgery? Thank you:). Praying, praying, praying.

    • Hi Bev

      Sorry not to reply sooner. Your comment went in the Spam folder for some reason. I hope the last post “Fresh Perspective” helps.

      I’m trying to keep this a “family show”, and not cause anyone distress.

      Thanks for praying.


  7. Prayed during the day… will continue.

  8. Oh my gosh…. Christmas is THE biggest…. but don’t think for a moment that all the hoop-la is over Christ… it’s mostly about consumerism. Shop, shop, shop. Spend one’s self into more credit card debt—it becomes a frenzy. We struggle to “keep Christ in Christmas”. I could write mountains about it… Over here, many sales people are told not to speak the words, “Merry Christmas” because it may “offend” people. I told my husband I’m tired of people being offended by the mention of Christ.

    • Thanks Joy,

      You should write a post! I’ve one in a similar vein which I have up my sleeve, inspired by a shop on Southampton Row.

  9. If I wrote about this topic, it’s nothing new to the folks in the U.S.! We shall see.

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