Elijah – Medical Stuff

By: snowgood

Dec 03 2012

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Here’s the clan at lunch time today (Monday 3/12/2012).

Thank you for all the emails, texts, and blog visits over the last few days.

It’s reassuring to know how much you care.

Joe and I hopped off the tube at Holborn, and I stopped at Cafe Nero so he could catch up with Nancy and the boy without interruption.

Earlier posts mention GOSH is quiet at weekends, with”normal service” Monday through to Friday.

I’m not kidding, the entrance, lobby, and corridors were buzzing with activity.

Elijah hadn’t been forgotten, all three consultants popped in to give their feedback.

So here’s what they say.

The antibiotics are working.

The infection is declining.

There’ll be further tests to try and ascertain why his blood cell counts dropped in the first place.

The reason he’s so tired today is that the red blood cell count is down.

He’ll probably have another transfusion to help.

It’s the white blood cells that fight infection, and these are soaring.  (Hallelujah – that’s me not the Doctors)

Shortly before I popped in on them all Wilma arrived, jet lag free and thrilled to be back with Nancy again.

Thanks to my Mum, Jean for putting her up.

So all is well?

Not quite.

Don’t forget Elijah was weaker today than yesterday, and some of the family are still struggling with the whole situation.

It would be easy to “switch off” and think all will be well, but Elijah and Co. still need you.



P.S. I’d tell you more, but just at the critical point Joe was called back onto the ward.  More info to follow.

11 comments on “Elijah – Medical Stuff”

  1. Thanks for the update. Good to hear some positive news. Love to all. We won’t cease praying. Oxx

  2. We need to keep on praying and will do so.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. I am praying for all of you. God is good and His will is perfect. Glad to hear positive things. Thanks for letting me know how to keep up with what is going on.

  4. Certainly NOT ‘switching off’.
    Praising God for all He has done, for what He is doing and for what He will do, and trusting Him that the diagnosis is certain and the prognosis is good.
    There is an enormous amount of love in that pic. Elijah is surrounded by love.

  5. great to see your smies again!!!!we are with you in our prayers and thoughts!!! xxxxx

  6. Lots of family in Ontario Canada praying; holding all of you before our loving Heavenly Father. Thanks so much for the pictures and your very inspiring updates.

    • Hey, I’m just the co-ordinator. It’s the folk like you who are imploring The Lord of Hosts to bring about healing. Mind you, I am wee bit tired and somehow Joe is running around doing all the housework. What it is to be 27 rather than 53!

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