Jehovah Jireh

By: snowgood

Nov 05 2012

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One minute he’s interceding on behalf of the shameless cities of Sodom and Gomrrah, the next he’s a big fibber that nearly brings death and destruction upon an innocent King and his family.

For all the high and lows the roller coaster ride comes to a climax in Genesis 22.

If you don’t know the story thus far just get a hold of this, Abraham was an old codger and his Mrs was no spring chicken.

Between them they were supposed to have more offspring than the stars in the sky, or sand on the sea-shore.

Sarah was so far over the hill that she laughed when an angel promised a child within the year.

Sometime later Isaac arrives, and became the apple of his father’s eye.

Abraham would have been a great father, cherishing his son like no dad before or since.

One day God calls him to the most monumental task.

Will he hold back his own beloved son?

Nobody can be in any doubt as to what’s going on.

Firstly God has spoken directly to Abraham.  He knows what’s at stake.

Secondly this is no quick test, but a three day “trial” of faith.

Thirdly there were two witnesses tagging along watching their master’s every move.

Then at a certain time Abraham tells them he’s going off with his son to make an offering.

Even Isaac smells a rat.

How did the son feel as he was bound?

Were there tears from the Father as he stood there with a knife?

Just as the son is about to die an angel of The Lord cries out, “Abraham, Abraham!”

The rest is history.

Isaac is released and miraculously a ram is found.

The mountain gets a new name, “Jehovah Jireh”.

The Lord will provide.

Will we trust him?


3 comments on “Jehovah Jireh”

  1. The Lord has provided for me over and over and over again. Not only what I need, but many, many “I want’s”, comforts, delights, surprises… I’ve never had lack of shelter, food, or clothing. When I wonder about the future, I know I will be provided for.

  2. He has provided for me abundantly for the last 54 years. Why should I doubt Him now?
    He has provided all I ever needed, although at the time I might not have thought I needed some of the things He provided – things which could have been termed trials or problems – but He knew best and He used those things to ‘grow’ me.
    I’d have to say He didn’t provide some things I THOUGHT I needed – and He proved to me that I didn’t need them, and that I was better off without them.
    Will I trust Him?
    Yes! He alone is worthy!

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