Good Directions

By: snowgood

Oct 29 2012


Category: Christianity, Failure, Gospel, Walking, Witness


Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon IXUS 220HS

We walked down a track and I came across this tatty signpost.  If you’re heading west like we were all you can see are the four “fingers”, each without an inscription.

Looking to my left there was a lively stream hurtling down the slope, but I thought I’d l look back and get a different angle. Some wag had decided to offer humorous directions to walkers in this remote spot.

In a way the sign typifies the one great weakness of the western church.

Most of us simply aren’t showing the way.

To the lost we’re people who go to church and presumably sing hymns and do all that religious stuff, end of.

If we follow Jesus and believe his teachings it’s incumbent on us to “Point the Way”.

Do we really care so little about our neighbours that we barely speak to them, let alone share the Good News?

I’m so glad somebody did care about my eternity, and pointed me to Jesus.

I’d love to play a apart in putting someone on the same track.


3 comments on “Good Directions”

  1. What a lovely testament… I’m with you…

  2. Firstly, since you are such a walker, I suggest you start on the track to New Zealand, and jump off early and head this way. Oh . . . are you SURE you can’t walk on water?
    . . .
    Sadly, I agree with you that many never even think about being signposts – about ‘pointing the way’ to the only One who can not only bring meaning and joy to this life, but to an eternity with Him. May our signposts be clear and ever-present.

    • Angela

      I would love to come, the nearest I’ll get is a trip to Hong Kong pretty soon. My first visit to see the lie of the land where our son has lived the last 5 years.

      I can walk on water (but it has to be frozen).


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