English Camp – Day 2 – Take Away

By: snowgood

Sep 01 2012


Category: Children, Gospel, Jesus, Mission, Sin, Witness

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One of the most wonderful things about the gospels are the words of Jesus.

The temple guards who were originally despatched to arrest him came back empty handed, saying;

“No one ever spoke the way this man does”

John 7:46

The Pharisees were furious, but they were too wrapped in their own schemes to grasp the truth.

Jesus came to give sight to the blind, and healing to the sick.

Those who recognised they had a need heard The Lord speak, and soon cottoned on the fact that he was different, unique.

As we proclaim the Gospel, what’s the best vocabulary for the times?

I’d suggest a short parable, Jesus used them, so we should too.  Although relating a tale about a grain of wheat in a city could be wholly inappropriate.

If Jesus had been born 30 years back you can bet your bottom dollar he’d tell fresh stories, rather than banging on about “The Good Samaritan” or “The Good Shepherd”.

What have you witnessed today that you can use to convey the truth?

At the Nyirmeggyes camp I spotted this lorry, hoovering up all the waste from the school cess pit.

Sure enough the kids remembered the smell, most had seen it roll up.  Once again I spoke about sin, and the fact that we alone are helpless to remove its’ stain.

I hope I “connected”, but to my eyes, a lorry that hoovers up our excrement is a mighty fine illustration of a Saviour who takes away our sin, and what’s more makes us clean.

What’s more I hope the kids will have this wagon as an ongoing reminder about the “filth of sin” in their lives, each time the orange wagon rolls up.

What parable could you share today?


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