Two Moors Way – Back Inn Time

By: snowgood

Aug 17 2012


Category: Cars, Fear, Hope, Life, Mission, Rural Community, Travel

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Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon IXUS 220HS

We rocked at the Exmoor Forest Inn at 7:30pm, and last food orders had to be in nine.  Sorted? Not quite.

Now we had to hoof it back to Yeo Mill. It’s hard to imagine an 8 and half hour walk taking 45 minutes by car, but the roads in these parts were originally little more than agricultural tracks.

The clock was ticking, and we were hungry. We lost a few minutes deliberating the best route, I suggested going anti clockwise, Tom fancied going in the opposite direction.

Mindful of the fact I’m always too pushy, and that Tom was navigating we went his way.  The old legs weren’t really ready for driving, and I was happy to keep tight into the verge and let locals zoom by.

Arriving at Yeo Mill Tom hopped out, watered the hedge, fired up a government health warning and then punted the Golf back over the hills.

Cycling through my dashboard readouts checking the fuel (not much), I was thankful for a comfy seat and slush box which suits a Grandad like me.

I stopped once to capture the orange glow left by a sun falling over the horizon, and then gunned the V6 into life in an attempt to catch “The People’s Car” ahead.

We made it, with 16 minutes to spare.


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