Who are you following?

By: snowgood

Feb 06 2012

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

A few weeks ago there was an enormous pile up on the M5 not far from our home.  There were mitigating circumstances, and in hindsight a firework display and bonfire next to Somerset’s busiest road wasn’t smart.

Whatever the rights and wrongs seven people died and over 50 people were injured in the crash.

We’ve all driven in fog, and found it convenient to latch onto a set of red lights ahead, relying on someone else’s eyes and not for safe passage.

Or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you’re more careful, drop down a gear cover your brakes and keep a safe distance.

But how are you following Jesus?

Do you keep a safe distance?

If the first disciples were learners and followers, then how about us today?

If Jesus told you,

“One thing you lack, go sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven”

MARK 10:21

just what would you do?


Help me to keep my eyes and ears open, 

may I not follow the “world view” of Christ,

may I not temper the radical call of Christ with reason,

lest I miss Jesus altogether,

and miss the goal –

communion with Christ.


3 comments on “Who are you following?”

  1. This is a beautifully written encouragement to maintain our intimacy with Jesus – and to live life for him – not by the world’s rules or standards. Well done.

    • Well thank you for your encouragement. I always try to write less than 300 words, but could have gone on all day on this one. Are we following who we want Jesus to be, and missing the point altogether. Am I trying to follow Jesus with integrity, but opting out of laying my life down. Do I want to skip “service”, and just major on giving which i find so much easier? The list just go on and on.

  2. There is no doubt about whom we are following, but ‘how’ we are following sometimes leaves something to be desired.
    . . .
    Jesus told us that if we would be His disciples, we had to ‘take up the cross’ or, as it was understood at the time He said it, to count ourselves as DEAD. Can I say I am following Him if I allow self to dominate?
    . . .
    Mr Anon says: When we die we leave behind us all we have and take with us all we are

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