End Times Coming?

By: snowgood

Feb 05 2012

Category: antichrist, Fear, GOD, Heaven, Jesus, Scripture, Witness


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Just over 35 years ago I was not a Christian.

In many ways I had no desire to be one.

I believed in God (whoever he might be), but I wasn’t in the least au fait with Jesus.

Then one day the pastor who occasionally took assemblies in our school invited us to attend a film at a local church.  Out of 600 odd boys 30 showed up.

I was one of them.

It was the classic 70’s end times dramatisation, “The Thief in the Night”.

Larry Norman sang “I wish we’d all been ready”, and all the actors seemed to be wearing enormous flares.

Prophecy were acted out on the screen in a “modern way”.  There was travel chaos, with cars and jets crashing left right and centre.

If that wasn’t chilling enough what followed was worse.

People were virtually forced to wear “the mark of the beast”.

Every transaction required an imprint on the wrist (or forehead), those that didn’t comply found it difficult to survive.

I found the film profoundly disturbing.

Dare I risk even going to sleep?  What if The Lord came in the night, and I were to be left behind?  Ah, but Satan was prepared to do battle for my soul.

Within a week the film was a distant memory.

You see the film wasn’t about God’s love, but rather about the consequences of the second coming.

The word says;

“I saw a second beast….it forced all people great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark”

Revelation 13:11, 16.

As the world economies hurtle from one crisis to another what will governments do next?

In Sweden “Money Shops” have come into being.


The law now prohibits businesses from banking cash!

The end times are coming!

2 comments on “End Times Coming?”

  1. Certainly makes one wonder. It seems all is ready for His return, except for every tribe not yet being reached with the Gospel, but this could be fulfilled in a very short time.
    All we can say is “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus” – apart from our hesitation because of loved ones we know are not yet ready.

  2. I’ll admit, I rarely carry much cash (mostly cause we don’t have much), and I mostly use a ‘debit card’ which automatically deducts the amount from our bank account. People using cash nowdays almost looks strange.

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