Set Free

By: snowgood

Jan 25 2012

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Category: birds, Cars, Jesus, Life, Travel


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 20D

I was asked to reveal seven things about myself. Here’s one.

I’m known to have an interest in motoring.

Here’s  Joe as we’re making our way back from Torremolinos in 2006.

I drove this car from Devon, onto the Santander Ferry and through Spain and much of Portugal.  It gave Joe a welcome “set of wheels”, and it gave me an outbound adventure.

Months later I flew back then we drove home inside 3 days via The Pyrennees, Paris, and London.

Would I do it again?  You bet.

Doing a steady 70 miles an hour (your honour) in a car with no doors, roof, or proper windscreen makes you feel alive.  In it I heard (and photographed) my first Nightingale, and witnessed the aural delights of myriad grasshoppers in the Pico d’Europa.

I wonder if I would have spotted vultures circling from a tin top car, and missed the thrill of seeing them tear at the carcass of a deep sheep.

Lord, spare me from ever becoming “Boring”.  Keep my eyes and ears open to an incredible world you created.

Thank you for family, and the freedom to travel.

Sweden beckons.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

John 8:36

3 comments on “Set Free”

  1. John 8:36 was very real to me 53 years ago (still is of course) when I was set free not only from the bondage of sin but also set free from the bondage of Catholicism and the gradual bondage of the effects of 22 years of abuse.

    Wow! I’d love to do that trip! I want to drive across to Perth (a distance of about 3000km across mostly desert) but hubby reckons we are too old for such a trip. Maybe . . . but I don’t think I am.

    • Angela,

      You might be too old soon, so why not go now?

      Untangling oneself from various commitments, committees, and (for me business) is the toughest thing.

      But possibly any day now I’ll make my first trip to Scandinavia – guess what it’s 2987 km from here to our friend’s home & it’s snowy there.

      It sounds exciting.

      Modern cars do all the work for you.


      • Why not? Simple. I know hubby couldn’t handle it, so we will fly again even though I’d prefer to drive.
        I love driving. As a young person (before I met Christ) my car was the only place I felt safe. I would drive for hours, enjoying the peace and safety, knowing no one could harm me. I would drive the whole weekend and most nights.
        Scandinavia sounds great! Travel safely.

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