Faith – The Final Frontier

By: snowgood

Jan 22 2012

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Category: Christianity, Faith, Travel

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon IXUS 220HS

“Almost nothing we do is characterised by faith”.

When a respected friend comes out with a statement like this it certainly makes you sit up and listen.

Those of us who run our businesses exercise faith almost every day, there are no guarantees, our best judgements may  prove wholly inaccurate. However we keep going through good times and bad.

How about you?

Are you being stretched?

Can you name the last time this year when you showed “faith”?

You might retort,”But I’m not a Christian!”.

Well dear friend, the same still applies.

If we live a life ram packed with certaintities, aren’t we losing out?

The photo comes from my trip to Belgium last Wednesday.  It represents a “step of faith” as I entered the Channel Tunnel and crossed the frontier from England into France.

What made it special?

I had taken decisions to make it a “Faith Journey”.

Despite shelling out £500 to keep the car roadworthy the day before not everything was 100% with my latest vehicle.

On the run up from Devon I had to ignore eye contact with 2 AA sales staff at two venues.  Both were selling accident & breakdown cover.

I ignored them.

I came.

I saw.

I conquered my fears and doubts, I made it without incident.

There was also the added bonus that when I booked both my outbopund and inbound trips I ignored the convenient times and “gambled” upon boarding the train earlier without surcharge.

Even that step of faith was rewarded!

So whether you’re a “Trekkie”, an agnostic, or a Christian believer may I ask you;

Will you try to avoid that next “insurance fix”, and see where Faith leads you?

One comment on “Faith – The Final Frontier”

  1. We need to be “rubber band” Christians – stretched and ready for service.

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