Give us

By: snowgood

Sep 13 2011

Category: Christianity, GOD, Heaven, Jesus, Life, Spirit, Thanks

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Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon IXUS 220HS

I nearly fell of my seat.

“Give us this day our daily bread”

Uh, what?

Maybe I’m amongst the walking wounded, a casualty of a materialsitic age.

The Lord’s Prayer has fallen off my radar, and right there in a Sunday service it was suddenly lit up by neon lights.

Why does there appear to be so much disatisfaction in the western world?

We’ve become “stuff” orientated, rather than “relationship” centred.

Think about it for a moment.  Do you know anyone who’s fallen into that trap?

I do!

I’m amongst them.

Do you know anyone who’s struggling in a relationship? Lost the ability to communicate?

You do.

As I read The Lord’s Prayer I realise that I too have forgotten what it is to be a “brass tacks Christian”.

I’m full of zeal for the lost, but I’m actually lost myself!

In my own little way I’m a non conformist, but not in the way that God would have me be.

Mr. Independent.

Mr. Succesful.

What ever happened to Mr.Flat Broke. The sinner who stood in the Worthing Tabernacle with tears streaming down his face, literally crying out to God for His forgiveness.

Why that chap assimilated a ticket on Heaven’s airline, but sadly it’s fallen down the back of the  couch.

The “hope” has been lost, and the PRESENT has become the all consuming passion.

Daily Bread?

Stuff that I’m up for bacon, latte coffee and whatever extras might be on offer.

I’m numbered amongst the GIVE US generation, and have forgotten that we’re encouraged to just call out for essentials.

Did I hear “Forgive us our debts”?

Huh.  I paid mine off nine years ago.

The biggest debt was paid by a man on the cross, and have i forgotten Him and left him bleeding?

Oh Lord, thanks that you can reach out to even the proudest man, and the worst of sinners!

May your spirit never let me go.

May I remember to

“work out my salvation daily”

Philippians 2:12


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