Message in a Bottle

By: snowgood

Aug 07 2010

Category: Christianity, Failure, Faith, GOD, Photography, Sin

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Focal Length:330mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 30D

all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

Romans 3:23

Had I stood on the bridge with my wide angle lens the picture may have looked very different.  To my left a smart hotel, a few boats, a tranquil river and to my right a bridge bedecked with colourful flowers, and the reflection of red and yellow shop signs on the water.

Zoom in with the telephoto lens and the picture’s different.  Someone has tossed in an empty beer bottle, which spoils our Normandy beauty spot.  It always frustrates me to see “trippers” chucking their detritus out of their car windows whilst holidaying in Devon.  Yes, they come to get away from it all but their only contribution to the local landscape are McDonalds wrappers or even babies nappies.

Of course the only message this bottle carries is “I don’t care”.  I don’t care if the town is a riot of floral colour, I have the right to discard my litter right here , and right now.  Why should I walk 20 feet to the litter bin?

You could come over all self righteous, judgemental even – but wait.  We all have rubbish (garbage if you will) in our lives, and just maybe we can keep out of sight most of the time.  The trouble is we’re all descended from Adam.  No matter how hard we try to be “good” we invariably end up failing.  Even Adam and Eve failed whilst living in the paradise of Eden.

The whole of scripture is a message, and the message quite plainly is that we’re not able to reach God’s standard.  There are submerged sins that blight each one of our lives.

What can we do about it?  Paul writes….

In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.

Acts 17:30

Let’s acknowledge our failure, and come in repentance to a forgiving and gracious God.


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